Thermal Printers

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Thermal CD Printers for CD and DVD thermal printable

Thermal CD printers use heat to transfer print materials to the disc surface. This is accomplished by placing a thin film ribbon between the disc and the print head. Single, dual and multicolored ribbons are available to provide a variety of print output options. Thermal cd and dvd printers tend to be faster than the other two printing technologies, and they deliver a very durable print. The cost per print of single and two color is very low, while full color per print costs are about on par with inkjet technology. Their primary disadvantage is that the initial purchase of a thermal printer is more expensive than an inkjet printer, but can provide a greater return on investment when printing disks. Also, the maximum print resolutions tops out at about 300 x 600 dpi.

On the other hand, Thermal Retransfer printers delivers photo realistic printing quality. Like normal thermal printing, they use heat transfer and ribbon technology, but with one added step. It works by printing the color image to an interim ribbon, which is then used to print to the actual disk. Using the second ribbon allows color to be mix better and be applied better to the disc surface. This technology delivers the highest quality, and most durable print available.