paper cd sleeveWe have several choices now for CD sleeves made from recycled paper fiber.  We should mention that recycled does not mean less expensive.  Indeed recycling, especially responsibly costs more money.  The difference being that forests are not being cut down to make more paper when it already exists.  Paper which becomes pulp again has to be remanufactured to make paper.  Paper is made in monstrous rolls which are then cut down to specific sizes.  This means a recycled CD sleeve is coming from a remanufactured paper product.  This is typically represented in how much is actually post-consumer paper (also known as paper waste or simply trash).  100 percent post consumer paper is all paper waste that has been remanufactured. 

Our newest selection is a recycled paper CD envelope with a clear window.  It's 100% post consumer paper waste.  It appears white but when you look closely the multi color threads can be seen in the paper surface.   It's a great looking product with green printing on the back of the envelope (envelopes are CD sleeves with flaps) at the base "made from 100% recycled post-consumer fiber".